Month: May 2019

Employees of Huawei suspended from reviewing scientific articles under the auspices of IEEE

To the surprise of the scientific community, the authoritative international organization IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) also submitted to US sanctions against Huawei. A published official statement states that IEEE must comply with applicable regulations and supports sanctions. This means a ban on the review of articles by scientists associated with a Chinese […]

ARM introduced new processors for mobile devices

The British company ARM has introduced new products for mobile devices: Cortex-A77 processor, Mali-G77 video accelerator and ARM ML neural processor (NPU). New architectures are designed for high-performance smartphones, 5G and IoT devices, autopilot machines, for the operation of neural networks and for performing artificial intelligence tasks.    Cortex-A77  Cortex-A77 – a direct continuation of […]

Android users are threatened with false push notifications.

Lookout specialists discovered an original phishing campaign aimed at owners of Android devices. Scammers use the Notifications and Push APIs to mask malicious messages as notifications from third-party applications.   As the researchers said, the attackers lured users to their pages and asked to allow the sending of notifications. If the visitor agrees, a pop-up […]

Huawei enters the market of underwater Internet highways

Despite the fact that Huawei has imposed US sanctions that will fully manifest themselves since August of this year, the Chinese are not going to surrender. Instead, they are trying to occupy new markets. So, the Huawei company already some time is engaged in development of the market of underwater Internet cables. Moreover, it was […]