Month: June 2019

NASA will send a flying Dragonfly rover to Titan

Source: NASA   NASA announced its new space mission. The agency plans to explore Titan, Saturn’s largest satellite, with the help of the flying Dragonfly rover. Dragonfly will go to Titan in 2026 and land in 2034. The device is an Octocopter – drone with four double screws. This type of rover has never landed […]

SpaceX lost 3 Starlink satellites out of 60, but in general everything is going according to plan

SpaceX provided additional information on its Starlink global satellite network project. It is worth recalling that the company recently launched 60 communication satellites, which, after several thousand devices have gone into orbit, will provide access to the network for residents of the most remote and inaccessible regions of the Earth.   Ilon Musk sent 60 […]

US President Cancels Huawei Sanctions

US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping in anticipation of a bilateral meeting   As a result of recent talks between the presidents of China and the United States at the current G-20 summit in Japan, the sanctions against Huawei were lifted.   In May of this year, Donald Trump announced a ban […]

A unified military Internet network is being formed in Europe

On Friday it became known that the authorities of Germany and the Netherlands agreed to create the first joint military network in history. The agreement between the countries was signed in Brussels, where a meeting of representatives of the defense departments of NATO countries took place.   The structure being formed is called Tactical Edge […]

By 2030, robots can leave about 20 million people out of work

Robots are doing more and more work for us – this is perceived as a natural and positive result of scientific and technological progress. The research of the analyst company Oxford Economics covers less rosy sides of this trend: in the next ten years, it may cause consequences for which the world community is not […]

FAS is going to fight illegal advertising online casinos

Source: PhotoXPress   The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) of Russia is going to get the right to block sites with illegal advertising of online casinos with the help of Roskomnadzor.   “The problem with online casinos is really big. Casino advertising is prohibited on the Internet. And, in principle, in search engines and on news […]