Month: June 2019

Joni Ive leaves Apple

Apple chief designer Sir Jonathan Ive leaves the company. Ive worked at Apple since 1992. For a quarter of a century, the world’s most famous industrial designer has created many iconic products, including the iMac, aluminum and titanium PowerBook G4, MacBook, MacBook Pro (Unibody), iPod, iPhone and iPad.   As reported, Jonathan creates his own […]

Ministry of Communications will connect schools and hospitals to the Internet for 15 billion rubles

On June 26, the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media announced competitions in several regions of Russia for connecting to the network of socially significant facilities. These include feldsher-midwife stations, schools, government agencies, territorial election commissions, fire and police stations, the Russian Guard and others. The cost of connection in the framework of the competition […]

Raspberry Pi rival, Banana Pi mini PC, went on sale for $ 13

The manufacturer of miniature PCs Banana Pi launched the Banana Pi BPI-P2 Maker board, which in some cases can compete with the Raspberry Pi 4. Although the characteristics of the new product are inferior to the “raspberry”, the price of a miniature computer can attract a large number of buyers. The basic model of the […]

Google added auto-delete location entries from smartphone

Google applications will no longer store the history of location records without demand – the company announced the introduction of the previously announced auto-delete function. This, according to the developers, will help users more effectively manage their data.   “The function of automatically deleting the location history is implemented on Android and iOS,” the company […]

Facebook officials and partners doubt Libra cryptocurrency

Last week, Facebook announced that 27 companies had become partners of Libra cryptocurrency, including such well-known companies like Visa, Mastercard and Uber. However, some of the partner companies are cautious about Libra. They signed agreements with Facebook on relatively free terms, which do not oblige them to use or promote a digital token, and can […]

Neural network has learned to undress women

The DeepNude application has appeared online, with which you can undress people in photos.   The algorithm with the help of neural networks creates realistic images of naked women. To do this, you need to upload a photo, after which the application analyzes the image and replaces clothes with bare breasts and genitals.   It […]

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo on raising tariffs on goods from China

Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have sent a request to the US government to exclude gaming consoles from the list of products subject to the planned US sanctions against China.   Recall, the US government planned a 25% increase in tariffs on certain Chinese goods. The imposition of sanctions has been postponed, the parties are still […]