Month: July 2019

FAS will allow to pre-install Russian software only if it is economically feasible

The Federal Antimonopoly Service has mitigated the requirements for pre-installing Russian software on smartphones, tablets and computers – now you can choose domestic applications based on economic feasibility and demand among consumers.       As the Deputy Head of the FAS, Anatoly Golomolzin, told Kommersant, the service finalized a bill proposing to oblige manufacturers […]

Nintendo will be free to repair Joy-Con with the problem of “drift”

Nintendo asked support representatives not to charge a fee for repairing Joy-Con controllers for Nintendo Switch set-top boxes if the user is faced with a “drift” problem – moving objects on the screen independently. As writes the edition Vice, the support service will not even ask for checks for purchase and a guarantee. In addition, […]

Microsoft is investing a billion dollars in an OpenAI developer

Microsoft is investing in a developer of artificial intelligence – the OpenAI project – a billion dollars. It is planned that Microsoft and OpenAI will work together to create the so-called strong artificial intelligence (AGI).        Together, companies are creating a hardware and software platform based on the Microsoft Azure cloud service, which […]

John McAfee allegedly arrested by US authorities.

Well-known programmer and entrepreneur John McAfee could have been arrested by US law enforcement agencies, foreign media reported. McAfee is one of the pioneers in the development of security software, the creator of McAfee antivirus and the eponymous company. However, for a long time, he has been known not so much for his contribution to […]

State “super service” will allow you to issue an accident in 15 minutes

The Presidium of the Governmental Commission approved the so-called superservice for the design of the europrotocol online. According to the press service of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications, the use of super-service will reduce the time for registration of accidents to 15 minutes, thereby reducing the number of traffic jams associated with accidents. […]

The medals of the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo are made from recycled gadgets

The Organizing Committee of the Summer Olympics 2020 in Tokyo presented the design of the awards, which will receive the winners of the competition.   Gold, silver and bronze medals are made from recycled mobile phones and other electronic devices. A total of about 5,000 medals made thanks to the processing of small electronic devices […]

Google will block root certificates issued by DarkMatter

Google has announced that its Chrome browser on Chrome and Android will no longer accept root certificates issued by the DarkMatter certification authority. This company is located in the United Arab Emirates and has a very controversial reputation. Earlier, human rights activists reported that the UAE authorities repeatedly resorted to the services of DarkMatter to […]

Space project Momentus by Mikhail Kokorich attracted $ 25.5 million investment

Startup Momentus, founded by Russian businessman Mikhail Kokorich, attracted $ 25.5 million in investment. Investors include Prime Movers Lab, start-up accelerator Y Combinator, the University of Wyoming Foundation and others. Thus, the total investment in a startup was $ 34 million.        Momentus is an American startup Kokorich. The project is engaged in […]