Month: July 2019

Google Glass can help children with autism.

Smart glasses, such as Google Glass, plan to use to help children with autism. Research results recently published psychologists at Stanford University. The experiments they conducted in the last two years.   Development of an application for users with autism spectrum disorders (a disorder of brain development characterized by a lack of social interaction and […]

Tor may become the preferred extension of the Firefox browser

A meeting of Tor developers and activists recently took place in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. During the meeting, in particular, it was announced that the Tor and Mozilla Foundation experts are working together on the Firefox browser extension, which will allow users to access the Internet while maintaining complete anonymity. Previously, Mozilla representatives intended […]

Tor-mode in Mozilla Firefox plan to implement through addition

In the Mozilla Firefox browser, an add-on may appear that allows you to enable the Tor mode privacy mode. The add-on will not work in the default browser, but you can download it from   The addon will configure the browser to use tor as a proxy server, and also set up various settings […]

Lenovo smartphones will return to the Russian market

Lenovo will resume sales of its smartphones in the Russian market. Mobile devices of the brand will appear in the Lenovo.Store online store, Hitbuy retail chain (these are three stores in Moscow and one each in St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg), as well as networks of other federal retailers.        This was reported to […]

What happened to Github today?

Today, from 15:46 UTC, I noticed something happened with Github, and something really strange – when I tried to go to more than half of the repositories, 500 errors were returned. Experiments have shown that different users cannot open the same github repositories, that is, it is not a matter of users, but of repositories. […]

Microsoft has more than doubled its annual profit

Microsoft’s annual net profit grew by 137% to $ 39.2 billion, revenue – by 14% to $ 125.8 billion. Financial indicators are contained in the fourth quarter and fiscal 2019 statements.        “The past fiscal year was a record for Microsoft, which was the result of close partnerships with leading companies in all […]