Month: August 2019

Inconsistent transport of biomaterials to the Beresheet ‘lunar library’

a form of cosmic surprise   This month, part of the educated public raised an eyebrow after learning that the Beresheet spacecraft, it turns out, was transporting stowaways aboard. They became representatives of microscopic invertebrates called tardigrada (our. ‘Tardigrades’, German. ‘Water bear’). These passengers, as it turned out, were put on board by enthusiasts at […]

Huawei will launch its Map Kit mapping service in October 2019

At Huawei, together with Yandex and the Booking aggregator, they are developing a map service that will become an alternative to Google Maps.   According to a publication in the Chinese state-owned publication China Daily, already in October 2019, Huawei plans to open access for third-party developers to its service called Map Kit.   In […]

Flow – a gadget to stimulate brain neurons and treat depression

The Swedish medical technology company Flow announced the start of sales of a device of its own design – a small headless drug-free gadget to alleviate the symptoms of depression, which users can use together with special software for meditation and relaxation.    Link to the manufacturer’s page with a description of the new gadget. […]

Apple sues developer of virtual copies of iOS devices

iPhone X and its virtual copy in the Corellium software environment   Apple has accused startup Corellium of “illegally selling virtual copies of the iPhone and iPad operating systems under the guise of helping to detect security vulnerabilities.”   Apple sues Intellectual Property Rights Court in West Palm Beach County, Florida. It says that Corellium […]

Huawei delayed the launch of a foldable smartphone until November

Huawei said its Mate X foldable smartphone “is unlikely to be released before November.” It was previously announced launch in September.   Mate X was introduced to the general public in February. Huawei initially focused on the launch date in mid-2019, and in April, Chinese media reported that the smartphone will appear on the shelves […]

Created electric scooter with the function of returning to the charging station

Segway-Ninebot Group held a presentation of its new device – an electric three-wheeled scooter, which is equipped with a special system for self-return to the charging station. This option can make this development popular in a large number of electric scooter rental services.   According to Reuters, an unusual three-wheeled novelty from the Segway-Ninebot Group […]