A billion dollar transaction has occurred on the Bitcoin network.

A transaction took place in the bitcoin network, which attracted the attention of the community with its colossal amount – 94,504 bitcoins, or $ 1 billion.   The Whale Alert crypto-community Twitter account for monitoring the events did not involve well-known exchanges or wallets. However, later the London blockchain provider TokenAnalyst reported that at least one third of the mysterious transaction amount was directly related to the Huobi exchanger (Singapore cryptocurrency exchange). This information was also confirmed by another company, Glassnode. Her representatives tweeted that Huobi invested at least 73 thousand BTC from the transaction.   “Since we usually do not disclose information about transactions, we can only confirm that this transfer of funds did not affect Huobi’s own funds and that with such large volumes of exchange as ours, such large transactions can and do occur from time to time,” they said Cointelegraph in Huobi.   The amount of the transaction is not the only thing that has become the subject of discussion. In addition to the fact that huge funds were transferred, the sender also paid a very high commission – $ 700.   As the Cointelegraph explains, the fee for a bitcoin transaction can vary depending on how quickly the sender wants the transaction to be processed by the miners. Many wallets allow you to install the board manually. Thus, the more money is paid, the less the user must wait for confirmation of the transaction. Under current conditions, the time to receive a transaction included in the next block would be a maximum of ten minutes. At the same time, the transaction cost would be 20 times less – only $ 35. In general, according to the Cointelegraph, in 2019 the fee for bitcoin transactions remains relatively low. The situation contrasts sharply with 2017, when the price of bitcoin reached unprecedented highs, and payments for transactions grew.   Meanwhile, Bitcoin continues to trade above $ 10 thousand after it failed to break the $ 11 thousand mark last week. Some analysts believe that the price of bitcoin may continue to fall. According to the publication Coinspot, the launch of the Bakkt platform may become a catalyst for the market. However, CoinDesk experts have already noted that, probably, the era of the main cryptocurrency has passed, and soon the “era of altcoins” will begin on the cryptocurrency market.