A simplified free version of PUBG Lite will be released in October

The version of the royal battle PUBG, designed for weak PCs, will be released on October 10. For comfortable passing the game will require 4 GB of RAM, according to the website of the developer.   A simplified version of the game will be released in 52 countries, including Russia. A complete list is available on the PUBG website.   “PUBG Lite was originally designed for players with weak computers and laptops. Nevertheless, this version of the game provides gamers with the same features and advantages of the gameplay as the original PUBG, ”assured the development director of the Lite version of the game Minkew Park.   The new version added all the content from the original PUBG, including maps, vehicles, cosmetic items and more. The only difference is in the quality of the graphics. For those customers who register before October 8, developers will give a skin for the M416 called Desert Camouflage and Rock Star on AKM. In addition, the 4-by-4 mode will appear in the Lite version, where the battle takes place in a small warehouse, and the team that gets forty kills first wins.   The game client can be downloaded now. The version will be shareware, that is, developers will offer cosmetic items and a combat pass with valuable prizes for real money.     PUBG Lite beta test developers organized in Thailand in January this year. In May, the battle was tested by residents of some countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The original version of the game is distributed on Steam, PlayStation Store and Microsoft Store. On a PC, the game costs 949 rubles.