A unified military Internet network is being formed in Europe

On Friday it became known that the authorities of Germany and the Netherlands agreed to create the first joint military network in history. The agreement between the countries was signed in Brussels, where a meeting of representatives of the defense departments of NATO countries took place.   The structure being formed is called Tactical Edge Networking (TEN). As far as we know, earlier countries did not create networks of this kind, so the current project will be at the same time a testing ground for testing the capabilities of such a system. Perhaps in the future other representatives of the North Atlantic Alliance will also join the network.   The essence of the plan is that NATO representatives can use the resources of joint networks. In this case, the development and deployment of new military standards is facilitated. Their implementation could be implemented in all countries simultaneously.   The control center of the military network will be located in Koblenz (Germany). A technology design and prototyping center is also being formed, which will be located in Amersfoort (Netherlands),   At the first stage of cooperation, the network will serve as a link between the ground forces of the German army and the forces of the Netherlands army. Such a relationship will help to establish joint operations. The projects are aimed at both upgrading existing and introducing new technologies in the army of both countries.   The German authorities have already calculated that from 2019 to 2030 the TEN program will require about 12 billion euros. According to some sources, in order to ensure compatibility with the new infrastructure, the armies of both countries plan to upgrade about 25,000 combat vehicles, plus 155,000 troops will be provided with computers and communications. Both armies will use identical mobile devices, desktops, and laptop computers.