Adobe Unveils Prototype Mixed Reality Transparent Display Display

Adobe introduced its own design development – a prototype of a transparent display in a small case with mixed reality support, called the Glasswing and Beyond project, which allows you to work with real physical objects in the background using graphic editors without additional tools.   A link to the Adobe project, Glasswing and Beyond, is here.   The project “Glasswing and Beyond” allows you to impose on real objects that are in the background behind a transparent screen, various visual content and additional effects created in Photoshop, After Effects or Premiere Pro.               Adobe believes that such an unusual solution such as a “display window” is suitable for use in stores, vending machines, museums, training and information centers.       The video below shows an example of using the “display window” of the Adobe project “Glasswing and Beyond” as an element for informing the buyer about shoe models and their characteristics, since using even a small “display window” from Adobe can make an entire entertaining stand for the buyer with additional information in the form of text, graphics or video, and inside the stand you can change objects in real time, using special effects and adding pictures and their description on top.       Adobe experts were creating a working prototype of the “display window” of the project “Glasswing and Beyond” for a year.   It took “several thousand” dollars to the element base and materials for the production of the prototype, and most of the money was spent on a “smart” glass screen and controller worth $ 4,000.   The company noted that in mass production the assembly of such a display would cost significantly less.   Adobe said that they would not like to continue to manufacture such “display windows”, since Glasswing and Beyond is a research project designed to show display manufacturers and retailers the promise of mixed reality technology.       Adobe also plans to engage third-party partners in the Glasswing and Beyond project.