Audi introduced the concept of an SUV with drones instead of headlights

Audi showed off the AI: Trail concept car at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The SUV looks futuristic: it stands on the base of widely spaced wheels, the capsule-shaped composite case is made of steel, aluminum and fiberglass, and the doors swing open in unusual directions. The interior is minimalistic, and the steering wheel is not a wheel, but a steering wheel. But the main thing that attracts attention is the lack of high beam headlights, instead of them are drones that illuminate the path from the air. However, the parking lights are in place.     The length of the car is 4.15 m, the width is 2.15 m, the height is 1.67 m, the weight is 1.75 tons. The 22-inch wheels are shod with tires with a diameter of 85 cm. The ground clearance is 34 cm. It is stated that the car can overcome water barriers with a depth of more than 1.5 m.       In this case, the car is electric. On one charge, an SUV can drive up to 500 km on paved roads and 250 km on rough terrain. Four-wheel drive is provided by four electric motors, one per wheel.       The interior is ascetic: there are no buttons on the dashboard, there are no switches under the steering wheel, and the steering wheel itself is designed as a steering wheel. But in front of the driver there is a jack for installing a smartphone – probably for personalizing settings, synchronizing multimedia content and controlling some functions. The owners of Tesla, as well as Yandex-car sharing users, are already used to this scenario.       The electric car comes with binoculars, removable rear seats that can be used as a hammock, a lantern flickering like a bonfire, and, in fact, intelligent drones. Everything seems to hint at the fact that the car needs to go out into the countryside. As if the appearance for this is not enough.  What other concepts were presented in Frankfurt