Buyers of Tron: Evolution who have never played a game cannot launch it due to DRM

This week it became known that buyers who purchased Tron: Evolution, but never launched the game, are now deprived of this opportunity. Tron: Evolution released on the 2010 film.   The publisher took advantage of SecurRom digital protection, one of the varieties of digital rights management (DRM). But Disney, the publisher, paid the license for 10 years. This means that after the expiration of the time, that is, right now, it is impossible to activate copies of the game that have never been launched before.   It is worth noting that the game is still being bought. But those gamers who purchased their copy in October began to complain about the inability to activate the purchase. Complaints began to come from different customers, reviews are published on various resources, including Reddit.   “I often buy games on sales, but I put off the game until later. Yesterday I wanted to play Tron: Evolution, I planned to try out the speed passage. I installed the game, but I couldn’t activate it – the system wrote that the key has expired, ”said one of the buyers.     SecuROM is a very specific defense. It was developed by Sony DADC in order to protect the original copies of audio, video files and games from copying. In particular, the developers set a goal to prevent duplication of copies on users’ home devices. Most often SecuROM was used for commercial computer games for Windows.   This system has previously created problems for players. Sometimes a completely licensed disc was declared “copied”, so it was impossible to run the purchased content. In addition, even the best DRM systems hardly help fight piracy. For the most part, this is not a problem for pirates, but legitimate users experience a number of problems associated with the technical imperfection of the system.   Buyers of the game eventually turned to SecuROM asking for help, but company representatives sent applicants to Disney, saying that they need to demand damages. The problem is that SecuROM is no longer used by Disney. “The best solution to the problem is to contact Disney, requesting a refund, or request a copy of the game, which is not protected by our system,” SecuROM said.   As far as you can understand, the only opportunity to play Tron: Evolution now is a previously activated game. If it was deleted and the key is deactivated, then upon reinstallation we get the same message as during the new installation.   The problem is not unsolvable because SecuROM was hacked many years ago. But the situation where the buyer paid money for the game, and then forced to crack it, is rather strange.