Canadian company FORM started selling augmented reality glasses for swimming in the pool

The Canadian company FORM has released swimming goggles with a built-in display that show the user information and data on the progress of his workout (frequency of arm swings, swim time and other data). Upgraded swimming goggles are already on sale for $ 199.    Link to the website for ordering glasses.     As a rule, swimmers use either a stopwatch to measure their swimming time and records, or special waterproof fitness trackers to monitor the parameters of their workouts.   For a long time, many existing smart bracelets and watches have special modes for swimming, in which they calculate the speed of the user, the number and frequency of hand movements, as well as other indicators. However, these statistics are not available online, and the swimmer sees these data from his current workout only after its completion.    The Canadian company FORM has released goggles for swimmers that track training statistics, and can also display them in real time on a small display in front of an underwater user.       This solution has an external main noticeable difference from ordinary swimming goggles, which is the increased thickness of the case on one of their sides.       At this point, the display, the battery, the control board, and two buttons for controlling the operation modes of the glasses are installed.               To display the image in glasses, a transparent intelligent display is used, which is built directly into the lenses of the glasses, providing optimal performance for reading information and without stopping the swimmer from seeing underwater, as with ordinary glasses.               FORM did not announce the resolution of the glasses display, but judging by the pictures and video, the resolution is small and amounts to several tens of pixels in width and height (approximately 80×30).       The glasses display works in monochrome yellow mode.   The user can display the time elapsed from the start of the training or after the turn, the calories spent, the frequency of the sweep of the hands and other indicators (split time, interval time, rest time, total time, stroke rate, stroke count, distance per stroke, pace per 100, pace per 50, distance, length count, calories burned).           In addition, after training, all this data can be synchronized with the existing FORM Swim application for glasses for Android or iOS using Bluetooth 4.2.       The battery in the glasses lasts for 16 hours, and the permissible immersion depth is 10 meters (32 feet).            Glasses Example