Facebook used third-party contractors to decrypt user voice messages

This issue is reported by Bloomberg, citing sources familiar with the relevant work of contractors.   Facebook admitted that they decoded (transcribed) user messages, but clarified that at the moment they are no longer doing this in connection with the situation in which Apple and Amazon fell.   According to Facebook, users whose messages were decrypted agreed to this by choosing a special option in the Messenger application for Facebook, which decrypts their voice messages.   “Contractors checked the decoding of (voice) messages using Facebook artificial intelligence,” Facebook explained.    Facebook’s data usage policy provides for the collection of “content, messages and other information that you provide” when “sending messages or communicating with each other”.   According to employees of the contractors involved in decrypting messages, they did not know where these records were made and how they were received.   According to them, they only listened and decrypted voice messages (as it turned out later it was data from Facebook users), sometimes even obscene content, but did not understand why this was necessary.   This situation has led some contractors to say in anonymous interviews that their work is unethical.   In turn, the contractors checked how correctly the artificial intelligence of Facebook interprets anonymous user messages.   Facebook does not disclose to its users that third parties can listen to their voice messages.   Among the contractors involved in decrypting user messages was TaskUs.   Facebook is one of the largest and most important customers of TaskUs, but its employees are not allowed to publicly mention who they work for. At the mention of the project, they were recommended to use the code word “Prism”.