Fake Charging Cable for iPhone as an Element for Hacking Laptops – “O.MG Cable”

At the DEF CON 2019 conference in Las Vegas (Nevada, USA), security expert Michael Grover, known on Twitter under the nickname_MG_, came with all his weapons – he brought with him and scattered several dozen packages with his “hacking” Lightning cable on the conference site , which is no different from the official cable for Apple gadgets and regularly performs all the necessary functions, though wirelessly endowing the _MG_ control on MacBooks and other laptops at a distance of up to 90 meters.       A full description of the O.MG Cable fake cable is given here and at this link.   This O.MG Cable fake cable is a project that was completely conceived, developed and created by _MG_ and his team, although he subtly hinted at the DEF CON 27 conference that some hackers around the world could already use similar technologies.       This cable “homemade” is externally indistinguishable from the original Apple cable, with the exception of an inconspicuous built-in transmitter with a Wi-Fi adapter, imperceptibly hidden inside one of the cable connectors.   When a hacker victim connects his iPhone through this cable to the MacBook … hacking magic begins within the radius of the built-in Wi-Fi adapter (about 90 meters).   When you connect your smartphone using the O.MG Cable to a computer with Linux, Mac or Windows, the Wi-Fi adapter is activated in this cable and the hacker can take complete control of the system, allowing you to execute commands remotely and intercept user data.   The “O.MG Cable” cable exploits the vulnerability of almost any operating system of modern computers, because they define the cable as part of the input device, that is, a smartphone, and allow it to work without blocking and even secretly.   After connecting, the cable and its adapter receive their own IP address, using which the hacker gets almost complete control over the laptop.  “It’s a fake cable, but it looks and works like a regular iPhone charging cable. Even your computer will not notice the difference. Until I, as an attacker, take control of myself remotely, ”explained Michael Grover. Thousands of dollars and the efforts of Michael Grover and several other talented specialists were spent on the O.MG Cable project.   It takes about four hours for Michael Gower’s team to assemble one fake O.MG Cable.   Michael Grover plans to sell O.MG Cable to information security specialists in the future, so far he has estimated its cost at $ 200.   For example, the entire O.MG Cable at one of the sites has already been sold.    In this link, Michael Grover showed in a short video how he made this cable and what can be done with it.   Cable Production:                   Cable Testing:                   Data interception:                               In general, before, IB experts scolded users for picking up flash drives on the street, and now they will scold for cables!