FAS is going to fight illegal advertising online casinos

Source: PhotoXPress   The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) of Russia is going to get the right to block sites with illegal advertising of online casinos with the help of Roskomnadzor.   “The problem with online casinos is really big. Casino advertising is prohibited on the Internet. And, in principle, in search engines and on news sites, it does not appear. Such advertising is more typical for sites with pirated content, but these sites are not always located in our domain zones, so it is not always possible to block access to such a site. We know this problem and are trying to solve it, ”Tatiana Nikitina, head of the department for monitoring advertising and unfair competition of the FAS, told the TASS news agency.   The blocking mechanism will be as follows: the antimonopoly authorities will have the right to enter websites with illegal casino advertising into the register of prohibited ones, and Roskomnadzor will then block them. Also, the authorities are considering an option in which antimonopolschiki will send a warning or two to the site with an advertisement. And if the warning is ignored, then a blocking decision will be made.   “We plan to discuss all the details with Roskomnadzor. We are also discussing this proposal with the business community, which is interested in clearing the Internet from this advertising of gambling. I think that by the end of the year we will reach the level of elaboration of a specific proposal with the departments and understand what to do next, ”Nikitina said.   In May, the newspaper Izvestia wrote about another way to combat illegal casinos. As reported, the Federal Tax Service may be entitled to enter into transactions with bookmakers and lottery organizers in order to calculate illegal immigrants – that is, conduct some sort of test purchases. In total, over the past year, the tax authority conducted more than 40 checks of lotteries and gambling, and 16 violations were identified based on their results.