FAS will allow to pre-install Russian software only if it is economically feasible

The Federal Antimonopoly Service has mitigated the requirements for pre-installing Russian software on smartphones, tablets and computers – now you can choose domestic applications based on economic feasibility and demand among consumers.       As the Deputy Head of the FAS, Anatoly Golomolzin, told Kommersant, the service finalized a bill proposing to oblige manufacturers to install domestic software, taking into account the amendments of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media.    The final draft law to the government will make the Ministry of Communications. According to Kommersant, it will be discussed at a meeting at the Analytical Center under the government on July 31, which was confirmed by the FAS.   The first version of the FAS bill, which was developed in February 2019, was criticized by Rospotrebnadzor and Apple. The company then warned that the adoption of the document in this form would force it to reconsider the business model of its presence in Russia.   A representative of Rospotrebnadzor called the mechanism proposed by the antimonopoly service wrong from a legal point of view.   The types of preinstalled software can include search and antivirus programs, navigators, instant messengers and social networks, the newspaper writes.   According to the draft law, the order of their installation, the list of software types and subscriber devices for installation, as well as additional requirements for them will be determined by the government.       On July 18, State Duma deputies headed by Sergey Zhigarev, chairman of the economic policy committee, proposed expanding this initiative. They want to oblige to install Russian software also on Smart TV, and the sale of devices that violate these requirements is punished with fines of up to 200 thousand rubles.    “We are against the very idea of ​​a mandatory preinstallation, since for some vendors this is technically unrealizable, while others will require significant unreasonable economic and technical costs. Manufacturers now voluntarily install Russian applications if it is economically justified, but it is completely incomprehensible how to economically justify a mandatory preset, ”Anton Guskov, a representative of the Association of Trading Companies and Manufacturers of Household and Computer Equipment, commented on the initiative of the authorities.   The MTS reported that the company participated in the discussion of the concept of the bill in the FAS.    “We have always spoken in favor of maintaining competition between software manufacturers, from which users ultimately benefit,” explained the press service of the operator. In Yandex, they say that when introducing a new regulation, the user experience and safety of devices should not suffer.   “It is important that the technical details of any regulation be carefully worked out. It is also necessary to preserve the existing agreements with manufacturers, ”the company noted.   MegaFon believes that the pre-installation of domestic applications would contribute to the development of the Russian IT business, as well as to the “explosive growth of Russian services and digital platforms.” This does not discriminate against foreign services – they will remain pre-installed, the company said.