Global car brands showcase their electric cars at Frankfurt Motor Show

At the Frankfurt Motor Show, which opened on September 12, many world brands presented their electric cars and hybrids. The exhibition has been held in Germany since 1897 every two years.      Hereinafter source: Vedomosti   Volkswagen introduced the first model in Frankfurt, built on a special platform MEB for mass electric vehicles. According to Vedomosti, the supply of cars will begin in mid-2020. The cost of a car in Germany is from 30 thousand euros.       BMW Concept 4 shows the styling of the German brand, developed under the leadership of the new brand designer Domagoy Duquech.        Audi AI Concept: Trail quattro is the brand’s vision of “an electric, environmentally friendly SUV that provides a whole new sensation of driving off-road.” The SUV has huge wheels, panoramic windows and hammock seats. There is an autopilot and four-wheel drive, which give four electric motors.       The successor to the classic model of the brand, Land Rover Defender, is designed on a new aluminum platform with a supporting body, independent suspension of all wheels and all-wheel drive. The company says it’s a smart and safe car for the whole family. ”       Mercedes-Benz Vision EQS. Body with two-tone color, radiator grille illuminated by LEDs. The drive has two electric motors (on each axis) with a total capacity of 350 kW, acceleration to 100 km / h in 4.5 s, range of 700 km.       The Hyundai 45 concept, presented in Frankfurt, refers to the Pony Coupe concept developed by the company 45 years ago.       Sian is the first hybrid powered Lamborghini. Added to the name of the supercar is FKP 37 – the initials and year of birth of the deceased shortly before the premiere of the former head of Volkswagen Ferdinand Piech, in which the Italian brand passed under the control of a German concern, Vedomosti noted. In total, 63 cars will be produced, and all of them have been sold out before the premiere.       Taycan – the first electric car brand Porsche, according to Vedomosti, will appear on the roads in early 2020. Power, depending on the version, is 500 and 560 kW (680 or 761 hp), acceleration to 100 km / h in 2.8–3.2 s, top speed 260 km / h, cruising range 412– 450 km       Honda electric hatchback E. The model has video cameras instead of mirrors and “hidden” handles in the door panel.       The Tavascan concept is the development of the new Cupra brand, which separated from the Spanish Seat. The company plans to release a powerful sports electric car.       The first electric car of the British brand included in the BMW Group is Mini Electric. Electric vehicle sales will begin in March 2020. BMW said there are already 20,000 potential buyers for the model.       The second generation Renault Captur will be available in a version of a rechargeable hybrid, the newspaper writes.       Hyundai Veloster N ETCR Racing Electric Car. The Veloster has four electric motors (two per wheel), a 800-volt battery of 65 kW / h.