Google introduced Android 10 (Go Edition) for budget smartphones

Google has officially unveiled a version of the new Android 10 (Go Edition), which can be installed on budget smartphones with a memory capacity of 1.5 GB or less.   The updated OS is designed for smartphones with RAM less than 1.5 GB and allows faster and more efficient work with applications. Android 10 (Go Edition) also includes a new data encryption system.   According to the developers, the new version will allow users to switch between applications faster and more efficiently. Now they run 10% faster than on Android 9 (Go edition).   Android 10 (Go edition) includes the new Adiantum encryption form, created by Google for entry-level smartphones and does not affect the performance of the device.   The new OS has a number of user-friendly features, including reading aloud using artificial intelligence, as well as a lens function that translates text when hovering. In addition, when using YouTube Go, there were fewer problems with video buffering when loading at low speed.   The updated Go By Google Photos gallery makes it easy to find photos on your phone. The program weighs 10 MB, but it automatically organizes the search for images by subject and works offline.   The company released the first such version of the OS in February 2018. It is called Android Oreo Go Edition. The OS came out simultaneously with Android 8.1. Then the manufacturers said that applications will occupy 50% less space in the device’s memory, but will work 15% faster. All pre-installed applications, including Google Go, Google Assistant Go, YouTube Go, Google Play, Gboard and others have been specially updated to take up less space on devices.