Google will block root certificates issued by DarkMatter

Google has announced that its Chrome browser on Chrome and Android will no longer accept root certificates issued by the DarkMatter certification authority. This company is located in the United Arab Emirates and has a very controversial reputation. Earlier, human rights activists reported that the UAE authorities repeatedly resorted to the services of DarkMatter to spy on activists and journalists, as well as organizing cyber attacks against them. Articles containing such allegations were published by major media outlets, including Reuters and the New York Times.   Representatives of DarkMatter deny all charges. However, in early July, the Mozilla Foundation announced that DarkMatter certificates will not be accepted by the Firefox browser. Now, Google has followed suit. This means that when trying to navigate to pages that use TLS certificates issued by DarkMatter, the most popular browsers will block the connection, displaying a message about insecurity. Two other leading browser developers, Apple and Microsoft, have not yet decided on their position regarding DarkMatter certificates.    A source