In winter, Commodore 64 full-size retro-emulator will be available for sale.

The Retro Games company announced that in December of this year a full-sized retro-emulator of the Commodore 64 computer will be on sale. As far as one can understand, the beginning of sales is timed to coincide with Christmas in Western countries. At this time, the level of sales of various devices usually increases several times, so there is a non-zero probability that many geeks will receive TheC64 as a gift – this is the name of the emulator.   Now many companies produce modern incarnations of old devices. This makes Nintendo (NES Classic and (SNES Classic), the recently revived Genesis console released by Sega. Also developed the first-generation PlayStation hardware emulator Sony.   The company Retro Games last year released a retro-emulator of a reduced size, but now, responding to player requests, a full-sized device will also be released. The advantage for potential buyers is that the emulator has a fully functioning keyboard. So immersion in the past will be complete.     Device buyers can switch between three different emulator modes: C64, VIC 20, and Games Carousel. For users who are familiar with commands like Load “*”, 8.1 will work 100% emulation mode.   Of course, the released device is not a copy of the old computer. This is a modern device that simply emulates the legendary PC. TheC64 has an HDMI port, a controller with 8 buttons, microswitches and a USB port. According to the developers, the device offers customers all the features of the old device, plus a number of new features.   TheC64 will be sold with 64 pre-installed games:      Alleykat, Anarchy;  Attack of the Mutant Camels;  Avenger;  Battle Valley;  Bear Bovver;  Boulder dash;  Bounder;  California Games;  Chips Challenge;  Confuzion;  Cosmic Causeway;  Cyberdyne Warrior;  Cybernoid II;  Deflektor;  Destroyer;  Everyone’s a Wally;  Firelord;  Galencia;  Gateway to Apshai;  Gribbly’s Day Out;  Gridrunner (VIC 20);  Heartland;  Herobotix;  Highway Encounter;  Hover Bovver;  Impossible Mission;  Impossible Mission II;  IO;  Iridis Alpha;  Jumpman;  Mega Apocalypse;  Mission AD;  Monty Mole;  Monty on the run;  Nebulus;  Netherworld;  Nodes of Yesod;  Paradroid;  Pitstop II;  Planet of Death;  Psychedelia (VIC 20);  Ranarama;  Robin of the Wood;  Silicon Warrior;  Skate Crazy;  Speedball 2;  Spindizzy;  Steel;  Street Sports Baseball;  Street Sports Basketball;  Summer Games II;  Super Cycle;  Sword of Fargoal;  Temple of Apshai Trilogy;  The Arc of Yesod;  Thing Bounces Back;  Thing on a spring;  Trailblazer;  Uridium;  Who Dares Wins II;  Winter Games;  World Games;  Zynaps.   Users will be able to download additional games using a flash drive. This is the difference between the hardware emulator and Retro Games in front of Nintendo emulators and other companies. There to add games you have to modify the firmware.   The kit includes the emulator itself with a keyboard, USB controller, cables and instructions.