John McAfee allegedly arrested by US authorities.

Well-known programmer and entrepreneur John McAfee could have been arrested by US law enforcement agencies, foreign media reported. McAfee is one of the pioneers in the development of security software, the creator of McAfee antivirus and the eponymous company. However, for a long time, he has been known not so much for his contribution to cybersecurity, as for tensions with law and extravagant antics. In 2012, the Belize authorities filed a murder charge against McAfee. The entrepreneur was forced to flee to Guatemala, changing his appearance, but soon he was arrested and extradited to the United States.   In recent years, John McAfee has become an ardent supporter of cryptocurrency and even participated in the creation of a cryptocurrency wallet, which, as stated, cannot be broken in principle. This did not prevent the researchers to crack the wallet in just a couple of weeks. And in early June, McAfee announced his nomination for the presidency of the United States in the 2020 elections. In the meantime, tax evasion charges were filed against him and his wife Janice. It is entirely possible that this is the reason for the current disappearance of McAfee. A few days ago, he told Twitter that CIA agents tried to “take” him and that he would have to “go into the shadows” for several days. The message was illustrated with a photograph in which McAfee and his wife pose with machine guns in their hands.   Rob Benedicto Pacifiko Juan Maria Logia-Ramirez, MacAfee’s presidential campaign manager, tweeted that the whereabouts of the presidential candidate is unknown. “I have good reason to suspect that John McAfee, his wife, and several of their companions were detained at the last of the visiting ports,” wrote Logia-Ramirez (McAfee has traveled on a yacht in recent days). The manager also warned that if McAfee is not released, it will lead to the publication of some secret information. According to Logia-Ramirez, McAfee conveyed this data to several people in different countries of the world with instructions to publish if something happens to him. What data we are talking about is unknown, but the words of Logia-Ramirez definitely sound like a threat: he writes that events will take an unpredictable turn and he will not be able to influence their development.    A source