Microsoft is investing a billion dollars in an OpenAI developer

Microsoft is investing in a developer of artificial intelligence – the OpenAI project – a billion dollars. It is planned that Microsoft and OpenAI will work together to create the so-called strong artificial intelligence (AGI).        Together, companies are creating a hardware and software platform based on the Microsoft Azure cloud service, which will become the exclusive OpenAI cloud provider. In addition, Microsoft will become the priority business partner of OpenAI in the commercialization of their new developments in the field of AI technologies. One of the founders of OpenAI is Ilon Musk.    “The development of AGI will be the most important technological breakthrough in our history, capable of changing the trajectory of human development. Our mission is to work to ensure that AGI technology benefits all of humanity, and together with Microsoft we are creating the basis of supercomputer technologies on which AGI will be based. It is imperative that the introduction of AGI technology happen safely, and the economic benefits from this are available to many. We are pleased that Microsoft in this matter deeply shares our vision, ”said Sam Altman, General Director of OpenAI.      “AI is one of the most promising technologies of our time and can help solve many of the important problems of our time. Combining the revolutionary OpenAI technologies with Azure-based AI supercomputers, we strive to bring AI closer to practical reality, while always thinking about security issues so that everyone can benefit from using new technologies, ”said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. OpenAI company in its blog reports that “AGI technology will be a system capable of mastering information at the level of a world expert in a specific issue, and will surpass the intellectual capabilities of a person. As if this tool combined the skills of such outstanding people as Curie, Turing and Bach ”.   According to the developer, AGI will help people solve such global problems as climate change, affordable and high-quality healthcare, as well as personalized education. Also, OpenAI is confident that AGI will provide economic freedom for humanity.   Recall, Microsoft in fiscal 2019 showed a record, according to Satya Nadella, growth in financial performance. Net profit increased by 137% to $ 39.2 billion, revenue by 14% to $ 125.8 billion.   OpenAI is a San Francisco-based artificial intelligence company since 2015. The founders of the project are Sam Altman and Ilon Musk. The company’s mission is to use the capabilities of artificial intelligence for the benefit of mankind. More company principles are described in the OpenAI charter.