Microsoft plans to release a budget version of the new generation Xbox

Photo:   In addition to the X3 Project Scarlett announced at E3, Microsoft is preparing a non-drive version of the console, according to the Kotaku portal. The prefix under the working title Lockhart will be less productive than the flagship, and will be released in late 2020.   Xbox Lockhart will be the heiress of the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, which was released in May. About the intention of Microsoft to release two ninth-generation consoles, The Verge wrote at the end of 2018.    Budget Xbox will be released without a drive. The maximum resolution of the console will be 1440p at 60 frames per second. It will be equipped with an SSD drive, which will increase the download speed of games. It is anticipated that the company will promote Lockhart through the new Microsoft xCloud streaming service and the Xbox Game Pass. One of the developers of the console said Kotaku that the performance of the console can be compared with the power of the Playstation 4 Pro. The library of games for both the new generation Xbox will not be different.    The flagship version of the Xbox Project Sсarlett, known under the working name Anaconda, will also go on sale in late 2020. Insiders say that the console will be equipped with a processor based on AMD Zen 2 and Radeon RDNA architectures, a 1TB SSD drive and 24 GB GDDR6. The console will support 8K at 120fps. The full version of the latest generation of Xbox will compete with the Playstation 5, which will also be released next year.    Kotaku publication editor Jason Schraer noted that Sony and Microsoft have been worried since the start of 2018 due to the launch of Google’s streaming platform, Stadia. However, the cloud service received mixed user reviews and is unlikely to be able to compete with the new Xbox and PS, Schraer said.    Xbox CEO Phil Spencer did not answer questions about Lockhart development, saying to the Kotaku portal: “We are not commenting on rumors or speculation.”    This month, Spencer talked about the details of the deal between Microsoft and the Discord messenger developer. He said the goal of the partnership is to create a cross-platform space for communication between Xbox and Windows players. Participants in some multiplayer projects can already play with each other on different platforms within the Xbox Play Anywhere. The release of the function took place in 2016 for Xbox One and Windows 10.    Last month, Phil Spencer announced that there was no VR for Project Scarlett. According to the head of Microsoft, the company is now engaged in “its own innovations” and does not consider virtual reality as a priority development direction for itself. Spencer explained that customers are not asking for VR for the Xbox.    In mid-November, the release of the streaming service Stadia. Google product was criticized for the high response of the platform and the lack of promised features. The indignation of some users necessitated the purchase of each game for Stadia separately. Some subscribers and journalists praised the service for the high quality video when playing through the Chromecast console and the ease of switching between connected devices.