Cryptographer Pierreck Godrey describes the vulnerability of online voting in elections to the Moscow City Duma

One of the world’s most famous cryptography experts, Pierre Godrey, research director of the French National Center for Scientific Research, published a report analyzing the cryptographic protection of the online voting system in the Moscow City Duma elections (“Breaking the encryption scheme of the Moscow internet voting system” on the preprint site arXivb). According to […]

As a vulnerability was discovered in Kaspersky Lab products at the beginning of 2019, which was closed in June

Ronald Aikenberg, editor of the German technology magazine c’t, described how he discovered a serious vulnerability in Kaspersky Lab’s antivirus program, which could allow attackers to gain access to some user data.    Link to the article in the magazine “c’t”.   Software journalist and researcher Ronald Eikenberg tested software from Kaspersky Lab in early […]

Google DeepMind researchers launch SuperGLUE benchmark

Facebook researchers, together with Google DeepMind, University of Washington and New York University, have unveiled SuperGLUE, a series of test tasks to measure the performance of speech-recognition artificial intelligence.   SuperGLUE was created based on the Google BERT neural network. Performance BERT, according to VentureBeat, surpassed models such as MT-DNN from Microsoft, XLNet from Google […]

Huawei will hire 1,500 engineers at Russian R&D centers

Huawei plans to nearly quadruple the staff of Russian R&D centers, a Huawei representative told Vedomosti.   Huawei now has two Russian R&D centers: in Moscow (400 people) and St. Petersburg (150 people). By the end of the year, Huawei plans to open three new R&D centers and hire 500 engineers. Over the next five […]

In Rostelecom there was a global failure due to a mass accident

Subscribers of Rostelecom PJSC in several regions of the Russian Federation are experiencing difficulties connecting to the Internet due to a mass accident, it follows from the message of the state operator on Twitter.   “There was a mass accident that affected several regions at once. Restoration work is underway. The approximate duration of the […]

Cloudflare goes IPO

Cloudflare filed an application (S-1) with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for an initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange. According to analysts, for many years this is the first IPO of a technology company with a really large infrastructure.   Cloudflare provides CDN services, protection against DDoS attacks, secure access to […]