Robot Fedor cost developers more than 30 million rubles

The cost of one android robot included its creation and programming. Partially, money was allocated for this by the Advanced Research Foundation.   The executive director of the Android Technology NGO Evgeny Dudorov named the approximate cost of one android robot similar to Fedor. He talked about the features of its development in an interview on the PRO-robots YouTube channel.   Dudorov’s company is developing android robots. Speaking about the approximate cost of Fedor, he noted that this is “more than 20 million rubles, more than 30 million rubles.” Dudorov explained that this amount includes not only the manufacture of one instance of the robot, but also its programming.   Additionally, the development of the robot was invested by the Advanced Research Foundation. This fund was established by the government to support the development of Russian prospective research. However, Dudorov emphasized that the amount of funding from the budget was “generally small.”   Fedor or Skybot F-850 became the first Russian humanoid robot, which was conceived as a lifeguard, adapted to work in orbit. It was created three years ago. Fedor knows how to sit on the twine, shoot and perform technical tasks.   The first attempt to send the Fedor robot to the ISS occurred in late August. Soyuz MS-14 with a robot on board failed at the first attempt to dock at the International Station. The astronauts conducted a second attempt in manual mode.   On board the ISS during operation of the robot, problems appeared: the astronauts with difficulty managed to turn on the power of Fedor. After returning from the International Space Station, the robot stopped turning on. Currently, the problem is being solved by specialists.   At the same time, the developers of the robot continue to maintain its official Twitter account. In one of the latest posts, Fedor suggested that the Solar System be populated with avatars: “The Moon, Mars … To conquer the planets of the Solar System, colonies of robot avatars must be created. Robots are ready to give their suggestions on the technical appearance of a future anthropomorphic system capable of providing the deployment and maintenance of scientific stations in far space. ”   Dudorov earlier reported that Fedor could become a “father” for a detachment of robots-cosmonauts. However, while he found it difficult to talk about what tasks this unit would solve.      Shot from the film “Child of the Robot”, where a similar idea is played out    On Habré also there is a Background on what Fedor is for the robot, and where they plan to use it.