Snap announces the third generation of its Spectacles smart sunglasses

Snap messenger developer Snapchat has announced the third generation of its Spectacles smart sunglasses.   The third version of Spectacles glasses has an updated design and the presence of a second, additional HD camera for shooting photos and videos with a depth effect.   Snap is enthusiastic about creating new versions of smart glasses that can independently create content for the Snapchat app.   The first version of Spectacles glasses was released in 2017 and brought Snap a loss of almost $ 40 million, only 150,000 units of this product were sold, and there were several times more in stock.   Photos of the first version of Spectacles glasses:       Taking into account their first experience in the manufacture and sale of such a device, Snap “homologated” the components of the device and reviewed the ways of selling glasses.   The second version of Spectacles glasses was released in 2018 and was accepted by customers, this version of the glasses turned out to be very successful, because they have:    – built-in HD camera with a viewing angle of 105 degrees (f / 2.2, photo resolution 1642 x 1642 pixels, video resolution 1216 x 1216 pixels);  – waterproof housing;  – capture video at the touch of a button;  – wireless interfaces: Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi (802.11 ac, 2.4 / 5 GHz);  – Sync with Snapchat and save materials in Memories;  – video export in round, square and 4: 3 video formats;  – charging case included;  – light weight (45.4 grams) and a thin frame;  – fashionable design.   A brief overview of Spectacles 2 glasses is shown below in the video:       Comparison of the first and second version of Spectacles glasses:                   In 2019, when developing a third version of Spectacles glasses, Snap took a desperate step – they decided to release a premium version of glasses that will help attract an audience that follows fashion trends, as well as offset a part of the costs of producing a loss-making product.       Snap is expected to launch Spectacles 3 smart sunglasses in September 2019 at a price of $ 380, which is much more expensive than the second version of Spectacles 2 sunglasses, released in 2018 at a price of $ 150 and still on sale and not losing popularity among users.       The third generation Spectacles equipped with two HD-cameras – on the sides of each of the lenses, which will allow users to create photos with the effect of depth (pseudo 3D), as well as record videos lasting up to one minute.   Photos taken with Spectacles 3 glasses can be processed using 3D filters from the Snapchat application.   When recording video or taking photos, glasses signal this, highlighting the built-in cameras LEDs.           A brief preview of Spectacles 3 glasses is shown below in the video:       The updated Spectacles 3 glasses have a metal frame, unlike the plastic of the second version of the glasses, adjustable earhooks and darkened lenses with sun protection.   For pre-orders, Spectacles 3 glasses are available in two colors: black and gold.               As in previous versions of glasses, in Spectacles 3, to start recording, you need to click on the button at the top of the glasses.   After you sync Spectacles 3 glasses with your Android or iOS device, you can share the pictures with your friends on Snapchat or send them to another platform, including YouTube.   Spectacles 3 battery options are not disclosed. However, Snap promises that its capacity will be enough to record 70 videos and more than 200 photos.   To charge the glasses, the special case that comes with the kit is used, which completely replenishes the supply of the built-in battery of glasses. It takes up to 75 minutes to charge the case with a standard USB-C cable.   The amount of internal memory of 4 GB should be enough to store up to 100 videos (each up to 60 seconds) or 1200 photos.   The developers also warned future buyers that Spectacles 3 glasses and all their accessories do not have protection against water ingress, unlike the second version of Spectacles 2 glasses, which has a waterproof case.