Space project Momentus by Mikhail Kokorich attracted $ 25.5 million investment

Startup Momentus, founded by Russian businessman Mikhail Kokorich, attracted $ 25.5 million in investment. Investors include Prime Movers Lab, start-up accelerator Y Combinator, the University of Wyoming Foundation and others. Thus, the total investment in a startup was $ 34 million.        Momentus is an American startup Kokorich. The project is engaged in development for space logistics. At the moment, Momentus is working on devices that will be able to dock with satellites in near-earth orbit. The startup builds space tugs to move satellites and cargo.   Momentus technology allows you to use water as fuel, heating it with a microwave radiator to the state of the plasma. Momentus plans to launch its first spacecraft in 2020.    “We want to provide transportation services like FedEx or DHL does. To do this, we build our own space tug, we call it in-space rocket – this is a rocket that flies in space. This is comparable to how people now buy SpaceX’s space launch services: they do not buy a rocket and do not remove it from their space center, everyone buys a delivery service, ”Mikhail Kokorich told The Bell in an interview. Startup Momentus Mikhail Kokorich created in 2017 in California. In 2012, he already launched a space project – Dauria, which was engaged in the development and launch of space satellites. But in 2015, the entrepreneur sold his stake in the company.   For 20 years in business, Mikhail Kokorich founded more than 20 companies, including Dauria, the retail chain Yuterra and others. He also headed Tekhnosila, Ilim Timber Industry.