[St. Petersburg] September 12, a meeting in the Yandex office about clouds and digital transformation project management

Digitalization or digital transformation is a concept that describes technological improvements in a business. Digitalization implies a variety of changes, but they are united by one thing: the collection and processing of huge amounts of data using machine learning and cloud solutions.   On September 12, Yandex.Cloud and 21 Century will share their digital transformation cases.   You will learn:      What goals do companies set when starting a digital transformation?  what tasks of digital transformation can be solved in a year;  why move to the clouds and how to argue for leadership.   If your company is considering whether to make a cloud-based service, you will also have the opportunity to discuss your idea with Cloud representatives and learn more about the conditions for developers.   The meeting will be useful to everyone who is tired of non-optimal processes and difficulties with the technological platform. We are waiting for project managers, product managers and technical team leaders who have to communicate with the business.   Of course, you will find a coffee break and networking with pizza after the completion of the report program.   The event is free. Registration by reference.