Steve Jobs autographed 3.5-inch floppy disk and his business card were sold for $ 89,490 (~ 5.7 million rubles)

On December 4, 2019, two unusual lots were sold on the RR Auction online auction service: a 3.5-inch autographed flexible magnetic disk by Steve Jobs and a Steve Jobs business card from the time of Apple Computer with a colorful rainbow logo. They bought a rare diskette for a very large sum of $ 84,115 at a starting price of $ 7,500. Steve Jobs’s business card was also sold ten times more expensive – for $ 5,375, at a starting price of $ 500.   Every year, any item that touched Steve Jobs or put an autograph on it increases in value, becoming a real treasure for collectors and connoisseurs of IT history. And there are very few such rare objects in the world, since Steve Jobs was reluctant to even sign memorabilia when asked about it. “Jobs reluctantly signed up, always claiming that Apple is a team effort,” said Daniel Wade of Palo Fraser Collectibles.   For example, in 2018, at RR Auction, Macworld # 1 magazine for February 1984 was sold for $ 47,775 with the signature of Steve Jobs, with a starting price of $ 10,000. And in April 2012, for a lot signed by Steve Jobs on the back of the business card Motorola employee card buyer gave $ 5,676.    The most expensive lot sold at RR Auction for $ 174,757, which was written by Steve Jobs, is his application form for hiring in 1973.    What is written in the questionnaire:   Name: Steve Jobs.   Address: Reed College (author’s note – Jobs went to Reed College for the fall semester in 1972, but dropped out only six months later to save his parents’ meager resources. However, he wandered around the campus for a year and a half to attend creative courses, in including Shakespeare, dance and calligraphy courses).   Phone: None.   Driving License: Yes.   Access to transport: Possible, but not likely.   Skills: “Computer” and “Calculator”: Yes (design, technology).   Special abilities: electronics technician or design engineer. Digital. From Bay next to Hewitt-Packard.   Description of lots related to Steve Jobs sold on December 4, 2019 at the online auction service RR Auction:    A 3.5-inch diskette autographed by Steve Jobs (sold for $ 84,115 or 5.4 million rubles). On the front side of the floppy disk there is an autograph signed by a black pen of one of the founders of Apple – Steve Jobs.       According to auction experts, the floppy disk is in good condition, but Steve Jobs’s signature is a bit blurry.   Reverse side of the floppy disk sold:       A copy of the Macintosh System Tools Version 6.0 software was recorded on the floppy disk. This is a set of system utilities for Apple personal computers of the eighties and nineties.       At the moment (after the sale at auction on December 4, 2019), this diskette is one of the most expensive computer diskettes in the world.    Steve Jobs business card (sold for $ 5,375 or 343 thousand rubles). Original Apple Computer business card with a colorful rainbow company logo, made specifically for Steve Jobs.       Text on business card: “Steven P. Jobs, Chairman of the Board, Apple Computer, Inc., 20525 Mariani Avenue, MS: 3K, Cupertino, California 95014, 408 973-2121 or 996-1010.”   According to the information of the auction specialists, the business card is in good condition, but it has a slight crease along the upper edge.   For seven years since 2012, seventeen lots related to Steve Jobs were sold on the RR Auction online auction service for a total of $ 607,603 or 39 million rubles.