Telegram developers open TON blockchain project for testing

The beta version of the Telegram Open Network (TON) blockchain is now available for testing to everyone. At the moment, this is the last stage of development – in October TON will work at full strength. Initially, the start of open testing was scheduled for September 1 of this year, but for some reason, the launch of the test period was postponed.   The archive with the blockchain code is available on a specially created resource, where links to the GitHub repository are located.   The posted archive contains instructions that explain how to install a test version of the blockchain on your mobile device. This version includes a node and a validator (a network member who confirms transactions on the blockchain).   The test page contains a description of the elements of the blockchain, the network, as well as an analysis of the Fift programming language. The language is used to create smart contracts in the TON blockchain. Each of the documents is accompanied by the signature of Nikolai Durov – the elder brother of Pavel Durov.   In addition, the company has developed specialized software that is needed to track transactions on the blockchain.   TON is a blockchain platform that is significantly faster than Ethereum and Bitcoin. If Bitcoin processes 7 transactions per second and Ethereum processes 15, then TON processes several tens of thousands of transactions per second, which is comparable to the performance of MasterCard and Visa systems.   The TON system will also use its own Gram cryptocurrency, its placement has been carried out since March last year. The developers said they were going to turn TON into a full-fledged ecosystem in which it would be possible to purchase various kinds of goods, services and content for their cryptocurrencies.   TON open beta testing will be available through October 31, 2019. The final launch of the project is scheduled for this day. And now there will be no shifts in the deadlines. If the development team does not launch the project, it will have to return $ 1.7 billion to investors. This amount was collected during two rounds of the initial placement of tokens, which took place in February and March last year.   TON will be developed by the non-profit partnership of the TON Foundation. Gram will be released by another organization – TON Reserve. The first partner will receive all the fiat and cryptocurrency that TON Reserve can attract through the sale of Grams. The funds raised will be used to develop the TON infrastructure, as well as to support the Telegram messenger. About 80% of the costs are technical support for the project, including servers, rack rental, communication channels, etc.   It was previously reported that blocks in TON are automatically split and assembled. This allows you to quickly generate new blocks, reducing transaction costs. You can work with TON through the mobile application, as well as using existing Telegram clients.   One of the innovations of the TON blockchain is the mechanism of “self-healing”. So, working actual blocks will be installed on top of those blocks where errors are detected. This will provide an opportunity to protect reliable transactions, not allowing their “rejection”.