Tesla began to monitor the volume of traffic for electric vehicle users

According to Electrek, Tesla electric vehicles have begun to additionally record the amount of received and transmitted data during their regular operation. Perhaps the automaker is going to introduce a system of payment for the service of providing the driver or passengers with access to more mobile data if they exceed the limit set by the contract for an electric car.   Previously, the amount of data for users was not limited, and access to this service was free.   When Tesla first started selling Model S in 2012, many buyers were pleasantly surprised by the fact that a multifunctional mobile service with Internet access is provided with an electric car for free. Also, for some time, the company did not specify whether this option of providing users with access to the Internet will remain the same all the time or the conditions for its use will still change.   In 2014, Tesla explained that the option of unlimited Internet connection will be available for another four years. But until mid-2018, this option remained free. However, in July 2018, the automaker radically made changes to the policy of providing the electric car with access to the Internet and divided this free option into two packages:    1. Standard connection. This package provides access to basic maps and navigation, music and multimedia via Bluetooth and the ability to update software via Wi-Fi, and important software updates will continue to be downloaded via mobile communication in an electric vehicle.       2. Premium connection. This is a more advanced package than the standard connection, which includes detailed satellite maps with real-time traffic visualization, streaming music and multimedia services, Internet access via the built-in browser (for Model S and Model X), as well as wireless software updates via Wi-Fi or using a mobile phone in an electric car.       The operation of the autopilot system of Tesla electric vehicles does not depend on the selected connection package.   At the moment, Tesla is connecting the “Premium Connection” communication package to most electric vehicles produced, with the exception of the basic versions of Model 3. However, Tesla plans to provide the Model 3 buyer with the opportunity to upgrade to a more advanced package for a small surcharge.   According to Elon Musk, this will happen in the near future, and the fee for switching to a more advanced communication option for Tesla owners will be $ 100 per year.   In anticipation of these Tesla changes in the policy of providing access to the Internet via an electric vehicle, some Model 3 owners found that in their Tesla mobile application a counter was added to the amount of data that was used by the electric vehicle:       Moreover, such a counter appeared not only among owners of the base versions of Model 3, but also among owners of electric vehicles with the Premium Connection package.   Currently, this counter has a limit of 50 GB, but it is not yet clear why this limit is needed. It is likely that Tesla is currently collecting summary data on the amount of data used by drivers to add these restrictions to connection packages.   So far, Tesla has not commented on this issue. Perhaps this situation with the advent of the data counter will become clearer after the release of the software update version 10 for Tesla cars. A release is expected soon.