Tesla has completed the investigation of the spontaneous combustion incident Tesla Model S in an underground parking lot in Shanghai

In April of this year, many media reported that the Tesla Model S electric vehicle caught fire in an underground parking lot in one of the buildings in Shanghai. There were no obvious reasons for a fire – the electric car was put on the parking space by its owner, and a few hours later the vehicle flashed.   It is clear that many owners of electric vehicles from Tesla have a question about the reliability of these vehicles. According to company representatives, a few days ago the investigation of the case was completed, experts did not reveal anything extraordinary.   It turned out that one of the elements of the car battery had failed. In this case, the company has already released an update, which is designed to eliminate the recurrence of such cases. “After completing our thorough investigation, we were unable to detect systemic defects. As it turned out, the reason is one of the batteries of the unit, which is located in the front of the car, ”said representatives of Tesla.   The company also noted that the percentage of fires of electric vehicles of the company is much lower than that of cars that run on gasoline or diesel fuel. However, management has already promised to nullify the occurrence of similar incidents.   Previously, users of the Chinese social network Weibo, in which the video from Tesla was burning, said they could not put up with such a risk to their own safety. The fact is that the car not only ignited, but also damaged nearby cars. One of the social users said that he would never again park next to Tesla.     In turn, the owner of a burned-out electric car reported that he had purchased the car three and a half years ago. During this time, he did not notice any problems. Plus, the car was not charging, that is, a fault in the charging system is excluded.   Actually, the cars from Tesla caught fire before, but the cause was always accidents, a collision of an electric car with another car or another obstacle. There were no cases when the electric car just stood and suddenly caught fire.   One of the earlier cases of fire occurred in 2013. Then a video with a burning electric vehicle Tesla Model S appeared on the network. As it turned out, the car caught fire as a result of “a collision with a large metal object, which caused significant damage to the vehicle.”   In 2018, the electric car (also Tesla Model S) caught fire right on the road, and the driver escaped only because other road users warned him. “That’s what happened to my husband and his car today. This is in no way an accident, he was just driving along Santa Monica Boulevard. Thanks to the people who paid attention to her husband [to the fire] and told him to stop. Thank God that my three daughters were not in the car, ”the driver’s wife wrote on the social network.   It is worth noting that this time the Tesla company prepared an explanation of what happened only in Chinese, and published it in Weibo. There is no English version, perhaps it will appear later.