The developers of DeepNude closed the project due to wild popularity

The developers of DeepNude for undressing women announced the closure of the project.   “Here is a brief history of the DeepNude project and its end. We launched the project a few months ago for the entertainment of users. We were counting on several sales per month in a controlled way – they write the developers, who sold the full-featured version of the application for $ 50-100. – To be honest, the application does not work very well, but only with certain photos. We never thought that it would become viral and we could not control traffic. We greatly underestimated the demand. ”   “Despite security measures (watermarks), if your application is used by 500,000 people, the risk of abuse will inevitably increase. We do not want to make money this way. Of course, some copies of DeepNude went online, but we don’t want to sell the program. If you download the program from other sources or distribute it yourself, you violate the terms of use on our website. Since then, DeepNude does not release new versions and does not give anyone permission to use. And also does not issue licenses to activate the premium version, “- said on Twitter.   It is difficult to estimate how much the developers of DeepNude earned in the few days when the news about their application was distributed across all media and on social networks.   Some commentators have suggested that for the price of the application can be undressed and a real woman. However, there was still no shortage of customers. If at least 10% of users bought a premium version, then this corresponds to a sum of between $ 500,000 and $ 1,000,000.   Users who paid for the premium version, but did not wait for a license to activate it, will receive a refund of their funds.   “The world is not yet ready for DeepNude,” the developers conclude.   Prior to this, for several days DeepNude servers had unsuccessfully tried to cope with the influx of traffic, the program was buggy in all versions, and the online demo did not work. However, some journalists managed to download a client, buy a premium version and test the program on Russian celebrities, as well as on men (Pavel Durov, Ilon Mask, etc.), although the neural network was trained only on women.       Presumably, the program was developed by a small group of programmers from Estonia. “I’m not a pervert, I’m a technology enthusiast. And I continue to improve the algorithm. Against the background of failures with other startups, I asked myself: can I get an economic return from this? And launched the application. I asked myself if I was doing the right thing. But the same can be done in Photoshop, just in a few hours, and in 30 seconds. This is just a fun experiment. If someone has bad intentions with these photos, then I have nothing to do with it. If not I will do it, then someone else, ”said Alberto, author of the program, in an interview with Vice, who first wrote about DeepNude.