The first electric car charging station completely refitted from a private gas station has opened in the USA

Converted Charging Station in Tacoma Park   According to the publication Electrek, in the city of Tacoma Park, Maryland, USA, a new charging station for electric vehicles. Only this eco-project included not just an additional electrical unit with charging systems to the existing gas station. The private person who was assisted by the local municipality has completely revised and changed the working business process, so that his own existing gasoline bus station since 1997 has now been rebuilt into a modern EV charging station (for electric vehicles). Gasoline pumps, meters, tanks and other unnecessary components were dismantled and sent to a landfill. This is the first electric vehicle project in the United States that has followed this scenario.   In recent years, large oil and gas companies have been trying to expand the functionality of their services by installing charging stations for electric vehicles at their gas stations as additional modules. Thus, they are trying to update their services at the moment, because many of their users are transplanted to electric modes of transport.   For example, Shell is a leader in such an initiative. The company participates in the implementation of the Ionity Fast Charging Station Network project in Europe, installs additional chargers at its gas stations. And recently, Shell acquired a network of charging stations, which can serve 80 thousand electric vehicles.   Petro Canada, a former Canadian state-owned oil company, is also deploying electric vehicle charging stations at its large network of gas stations in Canada.       BP has invested in a startup for mobile charging electric vehicles FreeWire.       Chevron, the oil giant, has also begun deploying electric vehicle charging stations at its gas stations.   However, these companies are only adding new electric charging stations to their existing gas stations.   The owner of a small gas station in Tacoma Park, Maryland, went even further. He decided to completely dismantle all gasoline equipment and install charging stations for electric vehicles instead, changing the vector of his business from oil to electric.   Thus, on September 26, 2019, the first gas station in the United States was opened, which was completely rebuilt from a gas station to a gas station exclusively for electric vehicles.   The local RS Automotive gas station was opened almost in the city center in 1958. In 1997, it was bought by a private entrepreneur, Depeswar Doley. For twenty years, he supported the work of gas stations, but every year he became more dissatisfied with how oil and gas companies dictate their terms. They limited the use of several suppliers, included mandatory conditions in their contracts that, if a certain sales volume was not met, fines would be imposed, and limited the possibility of maintenance of the plant equipment. All these problems and various kinds of prohibitions gradually pushed Depeshwar Share to consider other options for using gas stations.   Tacoma Park Public Relations Specialist invited Depeshwara Doley to speak with representatives of the Electric Transportation Institute (EVI, Baltimore, Maryland).   The Institute of Electric Transport considered the request of Depeshvar Stake and issued certain recommendations for changing his business. They also said that more than 20.7 thousand private electric vehicles were registered in Maryland, and there is also an electric taxi service that needs an extensive charging infrastructure.   Matthew Wade, EVI CEO, said that at the moment there are problems in the city with the lack of the required number of charging stations for electric vehicles. Indeed, in Tacoma Park there are only two charging stations – one in the parking lot of the community center, and the other just in a separate street.       It turned out that both charging stations are in great demand in the city. “They’re full time during the day, and electric car owners lining up there,” Wade added. At first, the city authorities were pleased that the stations began to be fully used. But then it turned out that there are times when no one can get into this parking lot, because several electric taxi cars stand in line for these chargers.   Mr. Depeshvara Dolei was offered a new business plan for transforming his gas station into an electric filling station. The gas station conversion project was co-funded by the Electric Transportation Institute and the Maryland Energy Authority. The owner of the former gas station was given a grant of $ 786 thousand for the implementation of a new project.       After a large amount of equipment dismantling, four 200 kW chargers (2 EV Plug (J1772), 4 CHAdeMO DCFCs, 4 CCS DCFCs) were installed at the former gas station. Drivers and passengers can now from