The new bill introduces the identification of email users by phone number and blocking letters.

Today, the State Duma submitted a bill on the mandatory identification of users of e-mail services by phone number. The authors of the initiative are senators Andrei Klishas, ​​Alexander Bashkin, Lyudmila Bokova, and Alexander Karlin. Previously, they also proposed to adopt a similar law on the identification of users of instant messengers.   The second proposal concerns the obligation of postal services to restrict the transmission of letters with information that is prohibited in Russia. The restriction is given a day after receipt of the relevant requirement from the authorities.   “Adoption of the draft law will significantly reduce the number of false terrorist messages spread via e-mail services, create legal conditions for bringing criminals to justice, reduce the economic damage from such messages,” the explanatory note said.   The principles of the new bill can be judged by a similar proposal submitted to the State Duma in 2017. Then for the users of instant messengers the following procedure was proposed:    When registering in the messenger, the user enters a phone number;  Messenger confirms it with SMS;  The telecom operator checks whether the passport data of the user is in the subscriber database;  In case of coincidence, the operator fixes that the user works with the instant messenger.   Moreover, if the subscriber in the future refuses the services of the operator or changes personal data, registration will have to be repeated. Those users who already have accounts in messengers, operators check on their databases.   By the way, it is not yet clear whether the new bill will be related to all email services or only to domestic ones. The fact is that in 2017, when you entered the draft law on messengers, it was agreed that all the proposed numbers only apply to instant messengers who are registered in the Russian Federation as organizers of disseminating information. But foreign companies usually do not seek to go through the registration procedure.   True, if desired, the authorities may try to force it to do so, threatening with blocking. This happened, in particular, with the Chinese messenger WeChat, who agreed to register as the organizer of the dissemination of information after it was blocked. In the same 2017, Roskomnadzor entered Telegram into the register of information dissemination organizers, after which it demanded that the messenger reveal the encryption keys. This was the beginning of attempts to block Telegram on the territory of the Russian Federation.    Minute of care from UFO This material could cause conflicting feelings, so before writing a comment, refresh something important in your memory:    How to write a comment and survive  Do not write offensive comments, do not go to the person.  Refrain from using obscene language and toxic behavior (even in a veiled form).  To report comments that violate the rules of the site, use the “Report” button (if available) or a feedback form.   What to do if: minus karma | blocked account   → Code of authors Habra and habraetiket → Full site rules