Vkontakte now warns users about the dangers of refusing vaccinations

The anti-vaccination movement is now very developed – the situation has gone so far that in many countries unvaccinated children are forbidden to attend kindergartens and schools. Activists of this movement are actively promoting their point of view on social networks, including Vkontakte. The other day, the administration of the resource decided to start warning users that there is inaccurate information in the communities that unite the opponents of vaccines.   Users who plan to join a particular society on the topic of refusal of vaccinations, now receive a message about the possible danger of the group materials to health. Thus, the social network works on tools that help combat the dissemination of false information that is potentially dangerous to life and health.   In Vkontakte there are several large communities of antitrachists at once, one of which has about 100,000 subscribers.   Unfortunately, in Russian legislation there is no mention of mechanisms to counteract the spread of information about “harmful” vaccinations. But Vkontakte representatives at the beginning of the year talked about how they were concerned about the gradual increase in the popularity of vaccination adversary communities online. Moreover, most often the information that is distributed in such communities is harmful to the health of children and their environment.   True, the social network did not plan to take on the role of a censor and delete this kind of information. Therefore, it was decided to find a “middle ground” and introduce warnings for users who are interested in this topic. The warning to users of the social network says that vaccines prevent 2–3 million deaths a year, and they fight diseases and antibiotic resistance of bacteria. According to WHO, the negative effects of vaccinations are very rare, each case being investigated.   It is worth noting that the social network for the first time decided without direct instructions from the state to introduce measures to recognize information as potentially harmful.   According to market players, government regulation lags far behind the needs of social networks to protect users. About this, in particular, said the creator of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg. So, in March this year, the social network stopped distributing information about the dangers of vaccines, in addition, the administration of the social network banned the advertising of such pages, and a ban was also introduced on collecting money for such communities using internal tools.