Win Zenit 3D Printer at Top 3D Expo

Ultra-precise FDM 3D printer as a gift for Top 3D Expo: any ticket holder for Top 3D Expo can win the ZENIT 3D FDM 3D printer, which prints with a layer thickness of 0.015 mm and at a speed of 50 cm3 / hour.   Buy tickets to the exhibition and conference and win an accurate 3D printer worth 94,000 rubles! A personal presence is not necessary, all purchased tickets are involved.    About company   ZENIT is a Moscow-based company producing high-precision desktop FDM printers competing with the best examples of domestic and foreign manufacturers in this segment. The draw will be held by the development director of ZENIT LLC Evgenia Kurochkina.    About the printer  3D printer Zenit    Specifications      Printing Technology: FDM  Printing speed, cm3 per hour: 50  Working chamber, mm: 240 x 215 x 230  Layer thickness, microns, from: 15  Nozzle Diameter, mm: 0.3  Dimensions, mm: 460 x 360 x 370  Weight, kg: 20  Software: RepetierHost, Slic3r  Supported Materials: ABS, PLA, PVA, HIPS, Nylon  Interfaces: USB 2.0, SD Card  Price, rub .: 94 000    Short description   3D printer ZENIT – Russian FDM 3D printer. A heated table, a closed chamber and an adjustable blowing system make it possible to print with various materials, including the most common plastics for printing. An optional connector for optional equipment allows printing with food products such as dough and melted chocolate. It is possible to equip the printer with a high-temperature all-metal extruder. Convenience of work is provided by illumination of a working space and the indicator of heating. A powerful steel frame increases the stability of the printer, protecting it from vibration and mechanical damage. Quality Assurance: 3 years.    How to win The draw among all the tickets purchased Top 3D Expo will be held on September 20 at the exhibition, by random selection using – the winner will receive a certificate giving the right to free purchase of a 3D printer Zenit 3D.   How to get a 3D printer:    Buy a ticket;  Wait for the results of the draw;  If you are present – get a certificate, if not – wait for the letter to the email specified during registration;  Get information about when and how you can pick up a win;  Get your 3D printer!    About event   Come to the Top 3D Expo to see new samples of additive and digital equipment, robots, software and other new products, attend master classes, listen to current performances by professionals and undergo a free 3D scan.   Read the full program and event announcements on the Top 3D Expo website. The minimum ticket price for purchases before September 15 is only 500 rubles. Join now!