Yandex drones have traveled 1 million kilometers since the beginning of 2018

Since the beginning of 2018, Yandex drones have traveled 1 million km along the roads of Russia and Israel. Unmanned vehicles were tested in Moscow, Tel Aviv, Skolkovo and Innopolis in different weather conditions. The main part of this million drones drove along public roads in real traffic conditions, the company said.       Yandex is testing more than fifty cars, increasing daily mileage. According to the company, in one day the drone collects 20 terabytes of data, driving a total of 15 thousand km.     “You can drive a million kilometers in unmanned mode on public roads only if you have working technology. Now it’s time to expand the fleet so that it can travel a million kilometers in a week. This will allow us to master more road scenarios, improve current algorithms, learn to act in new rare situations and thus develop the technology even faster, ”says Dmitry Polishchuk, head of Yandex unmanned vehicles. At the moment, four companies working with drones reported overcoming the 1 million km mark.   In April 2018, Cognitive Technologies reported that their test cars with the Cognitive Pilot intelligent control system also overcame 1 million km during the tests. Then it was reported that many tests were conducted outside of Russia.    “In order to fully guarantee traffic safety before the wide industrial use of the Cognitive Pilot intelligent system, we must test our algorithms over many millions of kilometers in any weather and road conditions to eliminate any surprises and get a real assessment of the performance of all systems,” said Olga Uskova, President of Cognitive Technologies .   In October 2018, Waymo, a Google entity, said its drones had already traveled 10 million miles (16 million km).       Earlier it was reported that Yandex will begin to use its drones for passenger traffic in 2023.    “In cities in areas with simpler traffic, unmanned vehicles are coping right now. In four years, we will be ready to mass-market unmanned vehicles for the carriage of passengers on the streets of megacities, ”said Artem Fokin, director of business development of unmanned vehicles of the company.   In June, Yandex launched the first five drones on Moscow’s roads, TASS reported.   In the summer, Yandex introduced the first unmanned vehicle designed with Hyundai. Previously, the company created drones only based on the Toyota Prius, writes The Bell.   The Yandex car was the first drone officially allowed on public roads as part of a legal experiment by the Russian government on the release of highly automated vehicles on the roads of Moscow and Tatarstan.   In mid-August, the company certified and began testing in Moscow another 30 new unmanned vehicles. By the end of 2019, Yandex plans to bring more than a hundred unmanned vehicles to public roads.   Analysts at UBS Bank predict that by 2030 Yandex will become a monopolist in the UAV car market. The company’s business in this segment will cost more than $ 6.4 billion.   The entire unmanned transport market in Russia by 2030 will be from 4 billion to 9.5 billion dollars.